Before Noi and I decided to move to Isaan we opened a shop selling Thai Products. We called the shop "Simply Siam" Located in Glebe Sydney it soon caught on and Noi was kept busy.
The Product for simply Siam came mainly from "Chuta Chuk Markets" the tourist name is "Jay Jays" Located in Moo Chit it is by far the biggest market I have ever seen. They sell all and everything, from Exotic animals,to copy watches. The stalls sell Plants, Clothes, fashion items, Furniture, handicrafts, Antiques, Linen, Copy CDs you can find it all at Jay Jays.
Noi and I would go about every three months and stock up, lots of fun. J Js have shipping companies on site so it is really easy.
We did well with Simply Siam and only closed the shop when we moved to Isaan.