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Thread: Sukhothai

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    I see you can get to Sukhothai by Air from Swampy , how would you get to CM from there , would a taxi be practical or would a train be better ? Also if you were visiting Sukhothai for the first time , how long would you spend there ?


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    Not sure about train or taxi but I know a bus runs from sukhothai bus station. Runs quite often and takes about 5 hours. Approx 250 bhat for a VIP bus/coach.

    2-3 days to roam the historical park should be enough but you could take more if you wanted. Minimum 2 I would say.
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    Two nights would be plenty there. The Historical park only needs 1/2 day at the most.
    You could do it with one night there! if you flew in early,did the park in the arvo and travelled on to CM the next day.

    It wouldn't be hard to get a taxi the whole way to CM from there.
    The train from Phitsanoluk would be much cheaper and relaxing and a good oppurtunity to meet fellow i've heard

    I'd be more inclined to take the train as i couldn't stand the thought of possibly being captive of some knob head local behind the wheel on those roads.
    You could be lucky and jag someone decent though.

    If you want a decent hotel with ok brekky and a really good pool.... Pailyn Hotel Sukhothai

    It's a little tired but ok value at around 900 baht/night with a buffet brekky included.
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