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    by Published on 7th October 2014 14:23     Number of Views: 1446 

    There are typically four type of tourist who decide Patong is where they want to go for the 2 week holiday. The regulars, the newbees, the recapture their first time and the couples.

    The regulars already know the do's and don'ts. At times, they possess a superiority air to them. They feel they can negotiate everything. The price of drinks, the avoidance in paying bar fines, leverage their frequency to hotels to reduce the nightly room rate and the complete avoidance of taxi motorbikes and tuk tuks. The other type of regulars are those who bar hop, buy one or two lady drinks, stay at the K Hotel or Expat and who never start drinking until 8pm. With a large bottle of viagra, they hit each bar and never take the same lady twice.

    The newbees have the best time since they are willing to spend money freely. Ring the bell all night at their favorite bar. Never try to jew down bar fines and stay with one lady the entire vacation time. The other type of newbee are those who drink till they black out and wonder how they got their blackeye.

    The returnees are those who found their favorite bar, hotel and tuk tuk driver. They recapture their first time by not worrying about the money. Some will shag 2-3 women a night. And at times, at the same time. The other characteristic is, they stay with just one lady. Never worry about money and has a heart that is giving.

    The couples are either young or old. The young ones follow the newbees in most cases. The old couples follow the regulars. Either one, they try to find some owner of a bar or hotel that they connect with. But their kindness and generosity is limited to one or two lady drinks. In trade, the owners must listen to them for hours.

    Ok, this is a very broad stereotypical picture. What I believe what is important here is the do's and don'ts of being a part of Thailand and also, to make the most of your holiday and your vacation dollars.

    Tuk Tuks and Motorbike Taxis; Don't ever be too drunk when getting on a Tuk Tuk. They will overcharge you and possibly rob you during low season. 60 baht should be able to take you most anywhere inside Patong by motorbike. When choosing a motorbike taxi, get the oldest guy. They are normally the most honest and most careful. The Tub Tuk driver should be selected by your hotel manager or the bar you find you can trust.

    Hotels; Expect to pay 600 baht during low season at Cheap Rooms and Hacienda. They are both located between C&N Hotel and Mr Goods Seafood. 800+ baht for C&N Hotel and Aloha. All 100 meters to the main street of Bangla Road.

    Bars; Now this is a horse of a different color. In my mind, their are two types of bars, those owned by Thais and Those owned by Foreigners. The ones owned by Thais don't necessarily comply with all Thai Laws. Example, health check up for their ladies. Music License, Pouring Copy Whiskey into Original Bottles, Over Charging on you Bills, Over charging on Lady Drinks or when you ring the Bell.

    Those Bars owned by Foreigners have to comply with all Thai Laws and demand honesty from staff. They free pour more often than not. And if they measure your drinks, they usually float a bit more on top.

    One of the best bars I have been to is Boots & Saddle Bar - Patong. The owner is Nang Fanelli, she also owns Nang Massage. She typifies what Thailand is suppose to be about. Honest, Kind, someone who will help you if you lose your ATM card or Passport. I remember when I first came to Thailand, I'm sitting at the bar by myself watching some 33 kilo Thai lady working her ass off. Picking up empty boxes of beer and bringing them outside as it starts to rain. She then begins bringing in the chairs and anything that will get damaged in the rain, while making ****tails and opening beers to customers. And to the side were 7 or 8 ladies just sitting down watching her. Their heads going left to right like watching a tennis match, with no one getting up to assist her. I then knew, this lady had a heart of gold. Without asking anyone to help her, she writes a bill for the customers and rushes to me to ask if I wanted another beer.

    From then on, I became a returning customer because of her. It is October 6, 2014 and I am sitting now in her bar writing this about Nang Fanelli. I hope you have a change to meet her and tell those who want to listen, what's she like.

    you can follow Nang on FACEBOOK.COM/NANG FANELLI or

    See you soon
    by Published on 5th October 2014 19:51

    If you want to marry in Thailand the following 9 step procedure is valid for Norway, Sweden and Denmark. You have to pay ...
    by Published on 26th September 2013 11:44     Number of Views: 1147 

    Had some fun this afternoon making a TD Video

    It came about from the 70's music thread and DP's comment about how he is probably the only one to like Supertramp...i was gonna post NAH i loved that group and set about trying to find School on Youtube but couldn't find any original versions of it.

    So i thought Fcuk it i will make my own............anyway one thing lead to another and suddenly i found myself making a TD video to the track of School....not that the song has anything friggin to do with TD or thai ...55555, but i always wanted to cut something to that track.

    Well i have, and all the material i have ripped of from this site so if anyone isn't happy with any of the material then let me know and i will cut you to the editing room floor !!

    Don't worry there is no actual full sized photos of anyone.....and it is just a bit of fun and manly full of pretty Asian ladies (spot the LB's) and very random other stuff at times..555555.

    I have set the privacy settings as Unlisted .... which means it can only be found here in the members section and not the public domain. Youtube may of coarse cut it for music copyright reasons

    So turn it up, go full screen and Enjoy !!
    by Published on 12th September 2012 19:05  Number of Views: 1942 

    Soi 38 a very pretty part of Bangkok and also the start our Cycle ride with Spice Roads.
    Here we are sitting in the Blue Romance café munching on club sandwiches awaiting the arrival of our guide.
    Around us a mix of young and old obviously here for the same reason.

    Our guide and bikes arrives a very happy Thai guy nick named Bottle as in bottle of water (his words).
    Sign the waiver and get you bike which is already set up for you.
    Well used Trek mountain bikes ...
    Published on 11th September 2012 11:59  Number of Views: 2390 

    This would have to be a must visit for all adventurers with a love of natural geological formations, and a thirst for knowledge of pre-history.

    Read this article ...
    by Published on 3rd March 2011 11:56

    In my searches I have been looking into the Buddist Lifestyle for understanding of my GFs beliefs and ways. I have found ...
    by Published on 3rd March 2011 11:56

    Its funny as we were having this discussion the other day and still havnt sorted it out.

    I've not paid Sin ...

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