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    by Published on 26th September 2013 11:44  Number of Views: 222 

    Had some fun this afternoon making a TD Video

    It came about from the 70's music thread and DP's comment about how he is probably the only one to like Supertramp...i was gonna post NAH i loved that group and set about trying to find School on Youtube but couldn't find any original versions of it.

    So i thought Fcuk it i will make my own............anyway one thing lead to another and suddenly i found myself making a TD video to the track of School....not that the song has anything friggin to do with TD or thai ...55555, but i always wanted to cut something to that track.

    Well i have, and all the material i have ripped of from this site so if anyone isn't happy with any of the material then let me know and i will cut you to the editing room floor !!

    Don't worry there is no actual full sized photos of anyone.....and it is just a bit of fun and manly full of pretty Asian ladies (spot the LB's) and very random other stuff at times..555555.

    I have set the privacy settings as Unlisted .... which means it can only be found here in the members section and not the public domain. Youtube may of coarse cut it for music copyright reasons

    So turn it up, go full screen and Enjoy !!
    by Published on 12th September 2012 19:05  Number of Views: 617 

    Soi 38 a very pretty part of Bangkok and also the start our Cycle ride with Spice Roads.
    Here we are sitting in the ...
    Published on 11th September 2012 11:59  Number of Views: 1008 

    This would have to be a must visit for all adventurers with a love of natural geological formations, and a thirst for knowledge ...
    by Published on 3rd March 2011 11:56

    In my searches I have been looking into the Buddist Lifestyle for understanding of my GFs beliefs and ways. I have found ...
    by Published on 3rd March 2011 11:56

    Its funny as we were having this discussion the other day and still havnt sorted it out.

    I've not paid Sin ...

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    I agree Dups he has to be a Somalian refugee living in Pakistan and soon he has to give us the best purchase ever. 555555

    Farang Exits

    justcruzing1 30th August 2014, 04:31 Go to last post

    Hillarious, the blog has beren "under construction" since December of last year.....Another suspicios death?

    Farang Exits

    pinecone 30th August 2014, 04:10 Go to last post
    Ian Forbes

    I'm just a pot stirrer, Dupes. You know that.

    Farang Exits

    Ian Forbes 30th August 2014, 03:45 Go to last post

    5555 You can't be a real person. You just can't!

    Farang Exits

    Dupree 30th August 2014, 03:43 Go to last post
    Ian Forbes

    We need MORE people killing themselves. There are already too many people who are reasonably sane and are expected to support those who aren't.

    Farang Exits

    Ian Forbes 30th August 2014, 03:32 Go to last post