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Thread: Death disco was operating beyond normal hours – but ‘legal’

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    Death disco was operating beyond normal hours – but ‘legal’

    From Andrew Drummond, Bangkok August 17 2012 Daily Mail A fire in a discotheque on the Thai holiday island of Phuket in which four revelers were burned to death beyond recognition took place nearly two hours after the club should have been legally closed. Today as officials in Patong on the holiday island of Phuket [...]


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    The laws are so strict in LOS how could this happen.....##

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    Tiger Disco is just one of many nightclubs and similar that operate around Patong and it is quite usual for a lot of people to be there into the early hours.
    They haven't done anything that any of the others don't do.
    Now and then the police strictly enforce closing times but they can't be expected to do it every night.
    I have been in places where the official closing is observed, and the regular entertainment stops but locals will sometimes choose to stay on.
    This could have happened anywhere in Patong.

    What should happen now is for the local authorities to consider introducing some basic fire safety measures.

    But in doing that you are fighting the very thing that visitors find so refreshing and relaxing about being there.
    For example: Can you imagine telling people they can't smoke in the clubs and bars?
    Anyone who has ever seen Thai electrical work knows the limitations.

    One thing I would like to see more of though is a lot more big double doors with[SIZE="5"] FIRE EXIT[/SIZE] in big glowing letters over the doors leading to big, strong, safe and visible fire escapes leading out of the buildings.
    (Oh...and one last thing.....tell 'em not to lock the doors, and whatever you do, don't let the space on the fire escape to street vendors).

    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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