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Thread: Do you live in Thailand now.

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    Do you live in Thailand now.

    Hello everyone..
    I am just asking if anyone lives in Thailand all the time..
    Have been reading lots of threads..then forget where I read something here...old age..
    If anyone replies could you give your approximate location , say within 100 kms please.
    We are about 80kms from Korat..
    The reason for my inquiry is for some local knowledge of the Mrs S says a lot of the time when suggest going to somewhere for a look is they all look the same..
    Never been to Chang Mai so want to go there as well as other places near the mountains...
    Would like to drive through the areas North around the whole border to Ubon Ratchatani.
    Make a good addition to all our other honeymoons we have had..(after being away from wife for extended period)
    Also the food varies so much in each region..
    Thank you in advance for any replies


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    ประเทศไทยเพื่อน Founding Member Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน PatongBeachBoy's Avatar
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    I don't live in Thailand but if your after some suggestions on nice places to visit I can share some of the places I have been to.... Close to you in Isaan is Loei, there is the Erawan caves there and to date one of the best places I have visited... All through Nong Khai and across the border is a great region with some nice sights to see along with good cuisine.
    If your after beachy areas Bang Saen is a great place nestled in between BKK and Pattaya, once again great sights with some awesome seafood on offer without any sign of westerners.
    Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

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    Lamai Beach Bum Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน bacwaan's Avatar
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    Yes, phuket but a bit far for a day trip drive from you 555

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    Thanks PatongBeachBoy and Bacwaan..We have been to Phuket ..Pattaya many places . Nong Khai sounds good..we will probably drive up from home ,stopping on the way the explore the areas east of CM, Loei, Nong Khai,Nakon Phanom,Mukdahan,Amnat,Charoen, to Ubon R..its up to the Mrs S on the time frame ..hopefully 4 weeks..
    As for accommodation Mrs S does that very well ..or we just stay wherever..She has this phone number she calls and I'm amazed at the places we stay for so little..
    Beats Agoda or Asia job for travel is everything out of Thailand....Mrs S does not know it but we are going to Cambodia again for some touristy stuff and for her Curtains we need..very good quality for small price..
    Looking forward to being an active husband again..(meaning support and help) and no more phone calls..

    Thanks again for your replies


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