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Thread: "A Woman of Bangkok"

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    Andrew Hicks

    "A Woman of Bangkok"

    The news is that, "A Woman of Bangkok", the classic 1956 novel by Jack Reynolds is back in print (Monsoon Books) and is available in bookshops and as an ebook. I know a lot of people have been frustrated not to be able to read this book that started a genre but it has been long out of print.

    It is a great period piece but what is so remarkable about it is that nothing much has changed in Bangkok over half a century and that even then those who were not fore warned could so easily lose their hearts, their shirt and their wallet. Reynolds' portrait of Vilai, the dance hostess is really memorable.

    My own books are just available as ebooks and I talk about this on my blog at Thai Girl. There's nothing like a real book but if bookshops are in short supply, ebooks are magic, even if you have to read the book off your computer screen.

    Choke dee khrap!

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    G'day Andrew good to see you back on. Anything else in the pipeline from you. How is the new Baan/English school down the back going?

    Cheers Spot
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