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Thread: Jetski Crackdown Thai Style

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    Jetski Crackdown Thai Style

    Pattaya Times Newspaper - Consumer Protection Police Division Keeping a Close Eye on Jet Ski Operators

    Pol. Maj. Gen. Niphon Jaroenphon, Chief of the Consumer Protection Police Division said, “We have received many complaints regarding Jet Ski accidents in Pattaya. With the announcement of the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015 we need to close this issue and improve tourism standards.

    Our policy is to raise total revenue from tourism alone to 2 billion baht by 2015. To achieve this we have to make sure that what we offer for tourists is safe, of high quality and with an acceptable standard of service.”

    “Regarding the Jet Ski problem in Pattaya, it occurs because insurance companies do not cover damages made to Jet Skis that are rented out. Also, the majority of Jet Ski operators cannot afford insurance. Because of this, when accidents occur, Jet Ski operators need to charge their customers a lot of money to cover the cost of repairs which then upsets the customer and gives a negative image to Pattaya. We cannot blame only the operators: sometimes accidents occur because of unskilled jet-ski users and drunken teenage customers. Currently, if accidents occur, operators negotiate a fee with the customer”, he added.

    The Consumer Protection Police Division is a government agency attached to the Office of the Prime Minister. Its main duties are to handle complaints received from consumers and institute legal proceedings when an infringement of consumer rights is recognized.

    The Office covers three major areas of consumer protection: consumer protection against misleading advertising, protection against false labeling, and protection in contracts.

    The protection of consumers in Thailand is regulated by the Consumer Protection Act, which calls for the protection of the rights of consumers and aims to prevent businesses from deceiving consumers. According to the law, consumers have the rights to full knowledge about the goods or services they are purchasing, so they are provided with the full protection of the law.
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    We have all been misled. It is the customers who are to blame.


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    Especially the unskilled ones... 55
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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    Only a mug chances his luck on a ski in LOS.
    And in this day and age and google searches it suprises me that any tourist would chance it!

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    I have never fancied using a jet ski in Thailand. I have read too many bad experiences on forums to put me off the jet ski owners for good. I have also seen quite a few arguments on the beach at Patong, and the Police have been called. Annie

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    blame the customer general, what about the 99% who get told they damaged it who didn't hit anything.
    can't say that or you risk losing face by making something look bad in your nation when your promoting tourism.

    here's an idea, admit there full of it, fix it and people will use the jet skis, then they will not need to screw people because they will get more customers.
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    ^^^^^Agree H Man,
    I love riding motor bikes and jetski's are bikes on water.
    Have ridden, and nearly purchased several here in Aus.
    Luckily I read on sites like this, the problems in LOS re jetski's.

    Shame really, if they were straight, i and many others, would give them business.
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