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Thread: What's on Mrs M.'s mind?

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    Mrs M.

    What's on Mrs M.'s mind?


    There is nothing on earth more complicated than women. Unfortunately I am one of them. There are so many things in my head. When we were doing some cleaning up and kind of do a little decoration in our home here. I had so many things and ideas I want to do and that is mean there are a lot for Mr. M to do. One day he comes home and gives me a little gift. It is a mug that says “so many ideas so little times”. I was the cutes way of being smart xxx.

    I created this thread so that I can write things that come up in my head and if I think it useful. Then I can write it here.

    Let’s get started with what’s on my mind today?

    Life is not fair sometime:

    I see many of good men and women who deserve to be happy with their life and be taking care of. But unfortunately have made one big mistake by married the wrong person and because they are too good to be true many of them still live their live in that living hell.

    I have some stories to share:

    1) "Mr. G" There is a man who is my neighbour’s brother. Let’s call him Mr. G (Good). Mr. G is working in a mine somewhere in WA and earns lot of money like all the others. He has a very lazy wife and useless wife (Aussie) with a few teenager children which is not much different from the mother. Now you can see the picture. I know all this from my neighbour just in case you wonder why I know all this stuffs. When he came home from work have to do a huge shopping like 2 full trolleys full of frozen food and who know what else. The house is a pig style and very dirty. When they come home from shopping they will put the shopping bags on the floor and when they need anything just go grab from the bags on the floor. The used tea bags are a foot high. Mr. G is not drink as I can see when he comes to his brother’s place for a party all I see he drink is tea unlike the wife and the children who even smoking marijuana. Yes really. I really am sorry for him.

    My neighbour and her husband sometime could not insist tell him to leave her but nothing happen. I guess he just loves her or worry about his children and that is can understanding but who is worry about Mr. G?

    2) "The selfish man" of the selfish world. I do not know much about this one only know that he often go to Thailand for a holiday alone and living his wife here and spend the money only for him. And if I am not wrong she works for that money as well as him.

    3) "Farm girl" There is a Thai woman I know. She is working in a vegetable farm. She pays for pretty much everything in the house because the husband is another selfish man. Even so he still is not very nice to her. I do not understand this why you would stay with someone like that which is nothing different from marrying to a dirt bag in Thailand no need to come this far.

    But life is life and sometime full of surprises, there are happy and unhappy stories but unfortunately I heard about the unhappy story as many as the happy ones.

    I sometimes say to people that please do not tell me anymore because I get all sad and upset and the poor Mr. M have to share with no choice.

    I wish you are one of the happy story

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    Interesting thoughts Mrs M.

    Like you, I know many unhappy people.. though in saying that I have helped many unhappy people to leave their unhappy marriages. Sometimes, they just need a push...
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    Mrs M sometimes there is no answers for sadness........only to think that Mr G and the Farm Girl are perhaps good people and so will be rewarded in their next life.....

    Perhaps too for now, you should feel sorry for the other 3, as their next life won't be so easy !!

    It will all balance itself at some point, that i am sure
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    As many of you know, one of my favorite authors is Mark Twain. In his final novel, "The Mysterious Stranger" one of his characters talked about "the misery machine" .....

    "Every man is a suffering-machine and a happiness-machine combined. The two functions work together harmoniously, with a fine and delicate precision, on the give-and-take principle. For every happiness turned out in the one department the other stands ready to modify it with a sorrow or a pain—maybe a dozen. In most cases the man’s life is about equally divided between happiness and unhappiness. When this is not the case, the unhappiness predominates—almost never the other. Sometimes a man’s make and disposition are such that his misery-machine is able to do nearly all the business. Such a man goes through life almost ignorant of what happiness is."
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    Is it really any wonder that Mr G works away all the time?
    I have also seen Aussie men treat TG unfairly and wondered what the attraction could be.
    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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    Mrs M.
    After created this thread quickly. I have just realised later that the thread's name sound like I am some how full of myself much. What I want is just to have some space I can write down my though and not bother other member's thread. I hope that make sense

    [SIZE="5"]Jill Meagher [/SIZE]

    I am sure we all have seen the very sad news that happened and took a beautiful young talented life of Ms. Jill Meagher. It is very sad and wasted. Sometime I think that we have better system about justice in Asia; Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia. It might seem crue but it is work. Its make bad people thinks maybe twice or more before doing a terrible thing. But I know some people is just too thick and too low.

    I was glad to see the huge amouth of people marching in Melbourne. This is not the 1st time something like this happen but I think people just have had enough of it and stand up.

    My feeling is I wish that It never happen. I wish Jill is still alive and doing her Radio Producer that she moved there for because even we will kill the low life bad man 10 times. It is still not worth and can not bring her back.

    As a woman it is terrible just to think about what she had been through. She has so many people in her life who love her dearly. What would this do to them?

    It is something that should never happen here in Australia. It is truely sad and also not a good look for the country. I am saying this because I love this country and so proud of her in everyway. It break my heart when her and her people gets hurt. Especialy when the Aussies people gets hurt by the people of my other country's hands (Thailand).
    The madness muslims protesting in Sydney was not impressed me neither.

    Lets hope that we will see some change and improve for the sake of innocent women safety.

    I will try to find some happy to write next time. It is getting to sad in this thread.
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    You could write about your cats Mrs M !! That would be happy ! heheheh

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