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Thread: Thai places to Eat in Perth

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    Thai places to Eat in Perth

    This is more of a follow from Gazmac's thread about Authentic Thai Food in Perth and did not want to get away from his topic.

    As there are a fair few people from Perth on this board, perhaps we can add some good Thai places to eat that people have been to as well. If not, I can start a new thread on the subject.

    I will start with the one we went to tonight.
    Is called the Unique Thai and is Woodvale. It is located at the top of Trappers Drive just after you turn in of Whitfords Ave. Is also bottle shop behind it that is open till 10pm.
    The food has always been very good in the times I have been there and if you ask for spicy, it comes very spicy.
    They do BYO and can take Beer, Wine & Soft Drinks. I am pretty sure you do not pay corkage (may pay to check if it concerns you).
    The owner has plenty of staff on duty and will always come round and have a chat with all the table during the evening. All in all not a bad place to spend an evening.
    If you are thinking of going (at the weekend especially), make sure you make a booking as it is normally packed out.

    Might be an idea if BM's in other states started one as well, so if anyone is visiting another state and want some Thai food, they have the heads up on some good places to go.
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