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Thread: Driving in New Zealand

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    Driving in New Zealand

    I'm going on a vacation to NZ with my family, wife and 2 kids, and I'm going to rent a car there. I have so many questions I want to ask, so I thought I'd bother you with this thread.

    My number one question is... do I need an international driver's license? Or can I just use the Thai issued driver's license? I read somewhere that if your local license is in English, then you don't need to get the international license. Has anyone ever driven in NZ with Thai license?

    My other question is... regarding the speed limit. I've read so much that in NZ, the speed limit is strictly enforced, both in the city and on the highway. So how fast should I drive in the city? And what's the maximum safe speed on the highway? How fast do normal NZ people drive actually?

    And... I've learned that there are plenty of gas stations there, as opposed to what I previously thought. So gas station issue is solved.

    And... food? I love beef steak. And I think NZ has plenty of beef. So can I get beef steak easily in NZ? How much for a ribeye at a normal restaurant?


    Another thing I'm curious about is how the school environment is there in NZ. I'm talking about elementary school, grade 5-6, something like that. In any school, NZ or Thai or anywhere on Earth, there is some level of bullying going on. How's NZ regarding this issue?


    Thanks for your attention.

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    Have we not covered this in a prior thread?

    Google is your friend for most queries but here's a start down the road .... 55

    This next link is the important one >

    Visiting Driver Training Programme | AA New Zealand

    And yes, quality NZ beef if readily available. Prices vary according to cut and restaurant but you may find the best deals at clubs as a Roast of the Day... eg sports - football, bowls, yacht clubs or Pubs ... especially country pubs!
    Cheers, Rob.
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    Small change in plan.

    I'm thinking about renting a campervan instead of normal sedan. It would be really fun... the kids are so into the idea of sleeping in the 'house car'.

    Any advise?

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    Theres a "Tour Guides" series in Oz at the moment. A few weeks ago they were sent in campervans around bits of NZ. Worth a download and a look, available at extra torrent.

    Watched the Phuket one last night, bit of a hoot.

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