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Thread: Am I a GOB - Are you a GOB

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    Lightbulb Am I a GOB - Are you a GOB

    This morning I sat having a coffee with a few expat friends and I could see that one guy was not his happy smiling normal self , well it turned out that he had just received an email from his daughter back in Nottingham that had upset him . The acidic email went on to say how the daughter though her father had become in her words , a right pain in the arse grumpy old bugger .

    After hearing the guyís story I started to realized that I am becoming more easily worked up and less tolerant with life in general , I can now some times feel my self getting angrier with simple frustrating situations , where in the past I would just have laughed it off .

    Now I seem to be less forgiving when I come into contact with people who I think are morons or just plainly stupid. Compared to a few years ago , when I would have given any one like that , the benefit of the doubt , but not now .

    I canít seem to tolerate silly behavior like I use to , and my thoughts are now dominated by negative words and emotions , especially while looking at any news articles related to Thailand.

    Iím defiantly not so laid back as I use to be , I canít seem to go an hour or two without moaning about this or that , or instantly complaining if I feel I donít like a situation or thing.

    Can this possible grumpy bugger affliction be age related or could it be due in part to all the years I have been immersed in the Thai way of life.

    I sleep well , eat well and exercises , along with enjoying a leg over on birthdays and anniversaries .

    My friend is convinced heís not a grumpy old bugger , and I have to agree with him , but on reflection , Iím not so sure about my self.

    Any one else have similar feelings about being called a grumpy old bugger , and if so what did you do about it , whatís the antidote .

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    Sounds like you could be fast becoming a GOB, but at least you are aware of it, the first step to turning back GOB syndrome ..55

    My advice for being intolerable to stupid people ( they are majority btw ) is to retrain your brain to feeling sorry for them, sounds condensing, but really there is some sad cases out there who have no clue as to whats going on, and getting angry at them is just wasted energy and will only increase your stress, therefore shorten your years left here ... so whats the point, nothing is gained at all from being a GOB ..

    Practice it, when some idiot does something or says something stupid in front of you, just look at him/her and think to yourself, you poor bastard i feel so sorry for you having to live your whole life as complete idiot and never knowing any better ..

    What you think, sounds like a start to turning back GOD syndrome ? ..5555
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    If you look at perfection long enough, you can see it's flaws...

    At first we tend to see the good in everything, whether it is our house, wife, kids, job, environment, and we tend to overlook or accept the flaws.
    After some time we tend to take the positives for granted, and start trying to change the flaws for the better.
    Once we realize we cannot improve the negatives many times we start focusing on those, magnifying them even..

    At a younger age we solve this by changing.. Different job, divorce, moving house, and we repeat the same cycle.
    At some age it becomes more difficult to change and bitterness lures..

    So the antidote is in recognizing this process and actively turning this around.
    Take some time to concentrate on what is good in your life, actively plan positive goals for your day, practice kindness and helpfulness.
    One deliberate positive action (which could be as simple as a compliment or a smile) each day can make a huge difference!
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    Being grumpy is a great form of releasing stress... don't knock it... don't you feel so much better when you have made someone else feel miserable? It's very addictive...
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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    Despite being a Sexagenarian I'd like to think I keep a reasonably open and positive outlook...I'm always up for a conversation and some company...unless I get stuck with a GOB, a fool or a nasty piece of work...then I am out of there....555
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