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Thread: Power of Observation

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    Power of Observation

    Power of Observation

    Do you know what is 'double slit' experiment? If you do, then great. But if you don't, let me first tell you that it has nothing to do with SEX, it is about physics. Google it and you'll find a very interesting thing about 'Light' and its properties.

    Assuming that now everyone has some kind of idea on what 'double slit' experiment is, I will now begin my story.

    The double slit experiment teaches us about the duality of light. That it can be a wave, and at the same time be a particle. But let me direct your attention away from the light for a moment and focus on the fact that just by observing, we have made difference in the outcome of the experiment. The light is what it is, but because we observed it, it manifests itself in one way or another. So in observing, there is the power to change things.

    I was at a hospital recently, not because I was sick, but because I was getting a physical check up. Personally I think it's waste of money but my wife thinks otherwise and I can't deny that getting your body checked by doctors once a year is a good thing, so I went along. And through out the check up, while they were measuring various numbers from my body, I was thinking about what benefit all these will have on myself. And I thought,

    'Just by observing, we have some kind of influence over what we are observing.'

    And that thought made it much easier when we went to the cashier's counter.

    The end.
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    A kettle watched will never boil etc

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    Think we discussed this on another thread... you should have blindfolded yourself during the check up... 55

    How to avoid observation...

    Not explained... 55

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    Yeah the double slit has come up before. I posted about it again last month. Fascinating stuff.
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