Good morning folks......

Through my beautiful TGF (SI), have now been introduced to a lovely network of friends of hers.....

SI's closest friend in Aus is from Malaysian decent (i will call him Patrick), that is married to a Thai girl from the northern reaches of Thailand, (border Myanmar). She was originally rescued from a poverty stricken village and introduced to a better life within Australia.

Patrsick is well educated and has bushiness interests in Malaysia, is very religious (Christian), and through him and SI, have introduced me to a large Church group of Aus/Thais.

Anyway, myself and SI attended a birthday party for Patricks brother and his wife (duel birthday party), where a community hall was hired here in Sydney where about 200 people from mixed backgrounds attended......

Patricks brother is a doctor. Sister in law is also a doctor (i think). Patrick has two brothers that are also very well educated with top level jobs. His father is a retired Architect....

The community center was set up with a projector and screen at the front of the room, which a video was watched. This is when i learnt what a beautiful bunch of people i have been introduced to.

The video started with an Indian fellow showing a plot of land in the Northern reaches of Bihar, Northern India.... With the man thanking Patricks brother and wife for everything they have done and continue to do. As the video progressed (Patricks involved brother did the MC and presentation) forward, it appears Patricks brother and Wife over past and present years have been heavily involved in building a school to house close to 300 children an education. Apparently, there is close to 100 villiages in this poverty stricken area and this new school does its best to serve as many children as possible. Dont quote me but i think i heard that it is the only school in this area of the country. Oh, and this state of India, the population is around 30 million.

Patricks brother and sister in law also volunteer their time on occasions throughout the years to offer medical services to the children that attend the school..... The opperation of this school is all through charity with no assistance from the Indian Government.


Oh, and BTW, Patricks family have also got volunteer interests in Vanuatu, Rwanda and Uganda (where do they find the time).

As it turns out, last night at the party was also a fundraiser, with the money collected going straight to the school. The food at the party was Indian, and catered for by some Indian organisation within Sydney to offer thanks for the event.

It all touched my heart what this family have done and continue to do all in the name of humanitarian relief.

The story goes on...........

I then find out that Patrick himself is heavily involved in a similar practice within his wifes villiage on the Thai/Myanmar border. The story behind this is a Singaporean Australian lady that is very well off, is building a school (construction is still underway) in this villiage. I saw the photos last night, of a large three story building. Practical completion is approaching and to gather funds to start decking out the classrooms with equipment, another fundraiser here in Sydney will be held 13th October. Patricks friend from Church is a Chef, and has put his hand up to cater for the event..... I am pretty handy in the kitchen, so i have volunteered my time to help with the food. All of the Thai church group (including SI) will be volunteers on the day...... Numbers expected to attend the event is hoping to be large enough to raise enough money to make a good contribution for the school effort..... I am yet to learn if any other groups are helping to support this effort. I would assume yes, so will find out more in the coming future.

As i have only been introduced to all this, i am still learning more and more as the days pass just how generous and loving all the people involved are...

So beautiful......

Finally, my new TGF is so beautiful herself with such a beautiful heart....... Another chapter of my life has now begun