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Thread: Koh Chang v Hua Hin

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    Koh Chang v Hua Hin

    On my next trip I am going to see a few places I have not seen before. I'm currently trying to workout weather to go to Koh Chang or Hua Hin. What area is good to stay at in both these locations? Any one got any preferences? I know very little about both locations so any info would be handy.

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    Better water in Koh Chiang, Hua Hin is closer to BKK so time would be a factor for me or other places to see in the general area.

    Namtam has me hyped up about a ride in Hua Hin...Both good locations.

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    Koh Chang is a proper island paradise style vacation....white sands, beautiful water, good snorkelling/diving...its about 4 hours from BKK all in

    HH is a (largeish) village by a the sea....water and sand quality pretty ordinary but a great choice of restaurants and reasonable nightlife...if you go visit the King's holiday house.....was a highlight for me...very beautiful and lacking the sort of ostentatiousness one might expect....2 hours from BKK but a nice train trip at around 4 hours
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