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Thread: Nong Khai Sculpture park and Nong Khai

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    david j crow

    Nong Khai Sculpture park and Nong Khai

    This is an amazing place as everybody has noted. Nong Khai holds a fascination for me. I just like the place. The drive from Mukdahan to Nong Khai is interesting, lots to see on the way up. Nakhon Phanom is well worth a stop over, Wat That Phanom is an important temple to see. I run a four day tour from the Guesthouse that takes in Mukdahan to Nong Khai along the Mekong. Lots of fun.

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    G'day Dave,

    Not sure but if you are a newby then you will not yet see my TR and posts. Have you seen Rivo's pics?

    Welcome China Great lot of people here both genders and nationalities.

    We welcome contibutions as this is your site, our site. Khup
    Ohhhh, Pigsy! You call yourself a demon? จูบก้นของฉัน Everything I post here is IMHO and IME... I am no expert....

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    ^^^ I think you will find Dave owns the Thai House Issan and lives up that way Spot
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    david j crow
    G'day Spot, thanks for the welcome, I met Scottie in Queensland. I really appreciate his help with my Guesthouse and have been so happy to see how positive the members are about Thailand and the Thais. Many forums in LOS are so negative, you have to wonder why they have an interest in the place. So thanks again. If you are passing near Mukdahan the first beer is on me. Dave
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