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  1. Mark26,
    I was about to post this on the thread but chose not to incase my kids etc. follow the build at a later date. No point in digging the hole any deeper back in Au..

    I once had a MIL from hell. One day many years ago when my youngest son was only about 6 (now he's 26), my parents in law drove up the driveway. I commented "here come the witch and the wizard", Scott piped up "who's the witch?", he obviously knew his grandfather was the wizard. My friends and I usually always referred to them as the witch and wizard. Granddad was always fiddling around, making things etc. , he over analysed everything and made things more difficult as a result. I got on fine with him but tired of his wife very early on. (stayed married in that one for 32 yrs.).
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