Please read the following gents.

Any discussion of the Thai Monarchy or members of the royal family in a political context will result in a ban. This includes vague comments that could be construed as referring to the Thai Monarchy.

You will not express disrespect of the King of Thailand or any one member of the Thai Royal family, whether living or deceased, nor to criticize the monarchy as an institution.

By law, the Thai Royal Family are above politics. Speculation, comments and discussion of either a political or personal nature are not allowed when discussing HM The King or the Royal family.

Discussion of the Lese Majeste law or Lese Majeste cases is permitted on the forum, providing no comment or speculation is made referencing the royal family.

To breach these rules may result in immediate ban.

No linking to or referencing external sites which break these rules this will be treated as if you yourself posted them.

We need to be mindful gents