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Thread: Good Bar Listings Page for Pattaya

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    Good Bar Listings Page for Pattaya

    Just stumbled across this website tonight, that lists (they say) all or most of the bars in Pattaya.

    Agogo Bar listings from the Pattaya Gogo Guide

    Hoping to go there for the first time on my next trip, so starting my research now.

    So maybe you can help if you have been to Pattaya .... from the list, can you name you favorite bars? Or maybe a comment or two about the ones you've been to? Every little bit of info helps, not just me, but anyone else who drops by the forum.
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    Thanks VG, a good list with links to some interesting websites.

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    Thanks VG, never been to Patts but have heard a few of those names around. I would not mind heading there just to have a look. Noy is interested to see it also but I am sure once we get there she will want to leave...

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