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Thread: Update for Ao Nang and Rawai bars

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    Update for Ao Nang and Rawai bars

    I will be touring Krabi/ Ao Nang and then Rawai next week, where to meet friendly Thai ladies for some evening fun?
    And, any music bars for traditional Rock or Jazz, live or otherwise, in those areas?
    Thanks and yes I will be Phuket Patong later in my Hols.

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    Let me recommended the great "Blue Ocean Bar'' in Ao Nang...well Im almost 100% sure thats its name.
    The bar is in a little mall off the corner of the main road that runs downhill from MacDonalds as it hits the beach.
    The bar features talented locals and lotsa audience participation.

    In a similiar mallish area further along the same road on the same beach are some small bar Sois set back a little.
    Same same 2 open Bar Beer Sois opposite MacDonalds itself.

    AN is now a pleasant size , and well worth a few nights out...

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    I am sure that it is Blue Ocean bar just at the bottom of the hill. Also a good locals bar at the bottom of the hill called Bernie's Place, used to do 2 hour happy hours in the afternoon (2 for 1 with big bottles of beer).

    Also take a trip across to Railey Beach on the long boat, is well worth a trip and perhaps spend a night over there. There is a beach area where most of the long boats come ion, but there is another load of bars on the other side of the place. Just walk through the houses and you will come to them in the end.

    Is really chilled out round there and more like I remember beach places in Thailand when I first visited.

    From Ao Nang, we did a day trip to some island which from memory took in at least 3 islands, I think it was Tub Island, Chicken Island & Poda Island. I think there was another one, but cannot remember. Inclusive was snorkeling gear and lunch provided at one of the stop off places.
    Pick a nice day and it will make for a great trip. Boats go from the centre of town mostly, just go to the tourist office or one of the many travel offices there are there.

    There is also another block of bars about 2kms away from where the Blue Ocean Bar is at the other end of town, just past the Tourist Police Office. It is also a place long boats go out to the islands. The bars there are not so smart as in town, but tend to go a fair bit later than the normal ones. More of a chilled out beach type bars than full on party bars.

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    Ao Nang and Rawai Update

    Thanks Chob & Chelski, just back: Ao Nang found Soi Entertainment just 500mtrs up on right from beach bend, entrance oposite Cleopatra restaurant & Shisha but not as far up as McDonalds.12 x bars with pool table or chrome pole + sports tv; some owned by Brit some by Aussie; 2nd bar on right is the liveliest with better looking dancers but further down is also a bar owned by Gillham of same Fishing Resort. 4 Island trip was a winner for me TBH1200 and got a speed boat upgrade.
    Yes Bernie's also great for breaky, bakery and has rooms.
    Rawai found this Laguna bars and Disco, just 700mtrs up from the pier, Siam Commercial Bank is on the corner and not Jee Jee telecom as on google; BF TBH500. Other bars around Magic Mushroom, Deep and Freedom Bars where on lean times. ICON nightclub in Slip Village Rd4233 after 2am, where girls like to go when their bars close, good aircon keeps it smoke free, Heineken TBH140.
    To the left of the pier is a soi market buy fish and have it cooked.
    I enjoyed Rawai too much, such that it broke two hearts when I left!

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