[SIZE="4"]Marine water quality along the coastline of Phuket in 2013 [/SIZE]
Phuket Marine Biological Center
Marine and Coastal Resources Research & Development Institute

Phuket Marine Biological Center has implemented a coastal environment monitoring
program for 23 stations along the coastline of Phuket.

Some principal parameters collected for every 2 months include salinity, temperature, pH, dissolve oxygen, suspended sediment, nutrients and total coliform bacteria.

These parameters were analyzed and interpreted in terms of marine water quality indices.

Marine water quality was generally found in good condition, except in some stations and
during certain period of time that the quality was in fair or poor conditions.

Considering the seasonal variation, it is likely that the marine water quality in dry season (November-April) was better than wet season (May-October). Typical parameters downgraded water qualities in the area were the increasing in nutrients concentration, total coliform bacteria and suspended sediment, together with the decreasing in dissolve oxygen, and pH.

The problem was much higher in wet season due to the influence of the discharge water from land to the coastal area.


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Tests are carried out at 23 points along Phuket's coast 100 metres off shore and 500 metres off shore, in compliance with international standards.

An independent water quality expert on Phuket consulted by Phuketwan has, however, echoed the views of honorary consuls who would like to have the quality of water tested close to shore and at the mouths of canals.

Phuket Governor Maitree Intrusud is known to take an interest in the quality of water at Phuket's beaches and went to Patong in August when samples were taken at high tide.

German honorary consul Dirk Naumann and his Dutch counterpart Seven Smulders supported the idea of tests being taken ''near the shore, where the children play.''

Mr Naumann told a meeting with the governor in August: ''Nobody swims 100 metres off Patong beach.'' It is believed Patong earlier this year lost the chance to stage an international triathlon because of the quality of the seawater.