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Thread: Tuk Tuk & transporters using standover tactics "again"

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    Tuk Tuk & transporters using standover tactics "again"

    Just reported that Phuket tuk tuk & taxi drivers blockaded the streets of Patong after a few of there own were arrested.

    PHUKET: Hundreds of tuk-tuk drivers closed down traffic right across Patong last night (March 3), blocking the three main gateways into the city from Kathu, Kamala and Karon in protest against what they believe were the unjust arrests of four of their colleagues.

    - See more at: Angry Phuket tuk-tuk drivers blockade Patong

    Just read this on FB from a TG I know who works at the Dolphin Bar with her take on it

    Thailand have not enough problem. .?that why tuk tuk and taxi make more close the Road to come patong very surprised he do same that Road for he only..I see a lot of people walking on mountain with big bag OMG you have problem with police please fight with police only..I don't know who wrong but I just thing that not fair for everybody. ..stop cheating after no one come to tourist phuket.

    Sorry TMT had already started a similar post previous go here to continue comments PATONG: Tuk Tuk drivers have blocked all major roads
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    Duplicate thread... closed... ;-)
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