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Thread: TG experience coming to Australia

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    TG experience coming to Australia

    Great report Fionn,
    Isn't it a buz watching how they react to just the simple things, and first time on the plane is a biggie.
    their ability to adjust is amazing.
    Glad you got to find the right shops for her, we all know a TG without pleanty of thai food is misserable.

    Your right about comparing her inability to understand ausie with our inability to understand Thai.

    Enjoy the rest of her TV it goes soo fast so hold onto every min.

    Glad your parents are so supportive.
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    Love reading your story Fionn. Keep posting.
    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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    Can I ask where in Melbourne you are and also your folks farm?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fionn View Post
    continued from

    Before leaving Thailand spent a few days shopping in Bangkok buying winter clothes for the TG, which was quiet hard as there isn’t that much available in Bangkok that was suitable, but after spending a few days we found a few jackets, tops and jeans that would do and I decide we would buy the rest if needed in Australia.

    TG was pretty nervous about the plane trip as she had never been on a plane before, but she was fine during the trip. She didn’t like the food served on the plane, which I can understand as it was pretty ordinary, but I had stocked up on thai snacks/food in Bangkok expecting this.

    Arriving in Australia we got to the customs/immigration check where is says Australia passport holder one side, foreigners the other. I was going to go with her to the foreign passport line but it was massive and the Australian line one was tiny, so I said stuff it we will go to the Australian passport line. Got up to the customs guy, he was really nice asked if we were traveling together, if we were married etc, just general chit chat while he did his processing. Ask the TG if so spoke English and she said small small, he then asked me if she had an electronic visa as there was nothing in her passport. I said yeah I think so, the embassy in Bangkok said they had approved her visa, he said OK, have a nice stay and we were through and out of the airport after getting our bags.

    I was expecting to be a little bit harder than that, but we got through the same way as if we were Australian citizens, maybe because we went through the Australian Passport holder’s line?

    Got picked up from the airport by my parents, as they were super keen to meet her after hearing so much about her and speaking with her on the phone, it wasn’t too cold so the TG was OK with the weather.

    Took her to a supermarket that night to buy some food, she looked around the whole supermarket (a very large one) and couldn’t find anything she even knew except Tom Yum 2 minute noodles. I could tell she was a bit worried and stressed about not finding any food.

    The next morning she was pretty down and feeling flat, so I told her we will go to a different market that will have food she will like, she went reluctantly, and I took her to Footscray market (a Vietnamese market/shopping area in Melbourne). At first she didn’t recognise any of the fish or pork cuts etc. She was asking Vietnamese shop owners if they spoke thai which they didn’t and was still a little flat until I took her into another shop and she saw some thai food that she knew and she started getting excited walking around saying same same Thailand pointing out stuff.

    While doing this, bumped into an older Thai Lady in the shop, anyway before I knew it they were having a long conversation about stuff, turns out the lady is from the same Amphoe as my TG and had been in Australia for 20 years the lady asked how along my TG had been here, which I said 2 days and that we were trying to find food that my TG knew. The lady told me which shops to go to and that I would fine everything she would need and where a nearby Thai shop to go to.

    Anyway the Lady and TG talked for a few more minutes and then the lady left, later while going to one of the shops the lady told us about my TG told me the lady told her not to go back to Thailand straight away if she doesn’t like it here but to stay a few months as she will love it here after a while.

    The Thai shop was good value as she could speak Thai to them and ask them for things and if it was available in Australia etc.

    Things in general about her experience in here,

    It been a real culture shock for her, but she is doing well and likes it here. I think coming here has given her some insight into how different Australia is from Thailand and she now comprehends that difference a lot more and appreciates how different Thailand is for me.

    She is trying to eat the food here but, doesn’t really like it but stills tries everything I give her. She finds it interesting that Australia is so big and has small small people (as she puts it). Also that there aren’t people selling food everywhere like in Thailand.

    She finds it hard to understand people when they talk because they talk too quickly for her. Which I tease her about because when I am in Thailand with her it’s the same for me, plus they speak mainly Khmer with Thai mixed in when I am at her home so I have no hope of understanding them.

    It took her almost two weeks before she would have a hot shower, even after telling her you have a hot shower as it keeps you warm afterwards. I came home from work one day with her wearing shorts and a singlet and a big smile, I asked her why wasn’t she cold and she smiled and said had shower hot, now she has hot showers all the time.

    She has been spending a lot of time at my parents farm as she is from a farm in Thailand and really enjoys it there with the animals etc and that they grow vegetable’s and have fruit trees etc. Also they have a large number of Kangaroos on their farm which she loves going to look at.

    My parents adore her, and have already been asking/pressuring me as to when are we getting married.
    Great post Fionn, Excellent and I am watching with interest as I amd doing the visa app in 2 weeks..

    Where is the farm mate. Have any local Thias you can introduce her to???

    Cheers China Spot
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    Great TR Fionn.....haven't had much here to read lately about new TGs coming to visit our shores so its always interesting to read.........keep us updated on any new events..

    You last post cracked me up at the end.........China Spot..... hey Spot you have a new name now....5555555555
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    Great TR Fionn !! Loved reading it !

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