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Thread: Thai Girl Age

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    Thai Girl Age

    I look at the survey at see have the age difference of 17 years average. My friend here (father of my son friend) is 48 and he has Thai GF 52 from the Internet.

    I talk with her and she worried that he is young and nots understand why.

    Think to it does not matter here. My Aussie mum is 9 year older then her husband.

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    Here in Aust, and the west in general, age difference's are generally only a few years.
    My 1st wife was 9mnths older than me, my 2nd was 15 years younger.
    I am guessing, your sons friend's father, his Thai wife from the net, is looking far younger than her 52 and I am sure she treats him better than a 52 falang wife would.
    "Of course you love me darling, I handsome man 55555"

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    Quote Originally Posted by daohoshi Dao View Post
    My Aussie mum is 9 year older then her husband.
    Wow that is interesting because it is rare. We are really lucky as a forum to have you as a contributor, because of your insights

    An interesting thing about age differerence in that it becomes less significant as the age of both increase.

    I met my wife when I was 36 and she was 20. We separeted when we were 58 and 42. I did not feel older than her by then.... and then as you get even older the issue of older age care again begins to bring the age difference back as a significant issue. For example 70 vs 86 .


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