Hey Guys,

I really like your comments on my previous movies.
I thought i post as well 2 Trailers from the TV series " Thailand 2012 - The Road Movie " witch was produced for the French / German TV Station " ARTE "
The entire production cost was split by sunnyinthailand.com and Arte television.
What you are about to see are just 2 Trailers from the actual footage.
Due to copyright reasons of ARTE i can only post Part one and Part two of the season IF YOU WANT ME TO DO THAT
The season was shoot 2012.
5 Episodes of 45 - 55 minutes each.
The entire movie shoot took 6 weeks , filming every day on our own. Locations all over Thailand.
We did this movie with only " One GoPro Hero 2 Camera " and 2 Iphones 4 due to a new concept of ARTE television.
The edit of the movie is done with Power Director 10 Ultra and by Sunny Schollenbruch.
The French version is done by ARTE television.

So, if you want me to post the entire episode 1 and episode 2 , please let me know.

Here are the 2 Trailer links:

Episode 1 Trailer:

youtube dot com/watch?v=YercGE0d8rA&list=UUDY8ECqy73sUyqQuJNITNSQ& index=23


Episode 2 Trailer:

youtube dot com/watch?v=x67TQ_Y4YEA&list=UUDY8ECqy73sUyqQuJNITNSQ& index=21

Enjoy it guys

All the best
Sunny from Phuket