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Thread: Sent my gf a surprise but shes moving. HELP!

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    Sent my gf a surprise but shes moving. HELP!

    Im having a huge problem right now guys. A few months ago, I pre-ordered a package to be delivered to my girlfriend overseas in Thailand. We met each other through a romance tour service more than a year ago and Ive been planning this surprise since then.
    After we got together in a relationship, I bought her this awesome statue of a pink elephant which shes been wanting since she was little. I was able to find one online with a very intricate design attached with some precious jewels.
    Since the statue was a bit expensive for my budget, I reserved and pre-ordered it until I was able to pay everything off. So, heres my problem now, its turns out that shes moving to another apartment in a couple of days and the package might arrive a few days afterwards.
    The timing could not have been more inappropriate! What do I do guys?? She doesnt know yet where shes moving to exactly since shes still deciding which apartment to choose from so, Im like a sitting duck here. Guys I really need some advice! I need help! What should I do?

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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน obes's Avatar
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    Not there !
    Hi Sam - maybe save your money and buy a couple of prosthetic limbs for yourself - must be a bugger having one arm and one leg 55

    You'll have to tell her and make sure she's able to get the package - or have a friend grab it for her - or just buy her another one.
    Sounds like you could well be buying her an apartment one day too.................
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    Welcome Sam

    Maybe pay for her rent for a few months and tell her to sit tight because you maybe doing a visa soon for her.

    Oh and read this thread, just in case not saying she is like this
    Does she love me, or is she playing me?
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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน MarcTwoSix's Avatar
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    Hoenstly let her figure it out

    I don't mean that in a flippant way
    A lot of time we are guilty of thinking we know more than the local Thais

    She or friends and certainly Thailand post will know what to do.

    PS.....don't buy jewelry you can't afford! 5555

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    I think this is a brilliant way to enter a forum... pink elephants and moving TGs.. 55

    You could maybe tell her a package is arriving without giving away what it is?

    Might make her stick around a little longer?
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    Jewel encrusted Pink Elephants every TGs dream ... I thought it was an iPhone X
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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน Dupree's Avatar
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    I'm in Bangkok now. You want me to track down the delivery?
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    I just girl in bar. Buy me one dink?....

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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน Chob's Avatar
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    Next time hand her gold in person?
    She's much more likely to 'reward' you immediately...

    Welcome to TD !

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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Uber Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน Tingtong's Avatar
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    Sunny Sam, Have you heard the Story about the ' Trojan Horse ' . Lucky you didnt try that, it would have back fired bad .

    "Hello , Hello ...Im inside....anyone there? HELLLLLOOOO " 55
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    Uber Star Soi wanderer Thai Dreamer ผู้เพ้อฝัน Moo Uaon's Avatar
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    leave a forwarding address at the old place


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    Quote Originally Posted by Dupree View Post
    I'm in Bangkok now. You want me to track down the delivery?
    Thats a great idea ... i mean what could possibly go wrong ? ..55
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