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Thread: Long distance relationships possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quarky View Post
    Do you get to visit Thailand alone? Cultural studies 55
    I do, in Thailand now for 3 weeks without the wife........

    But seriously I would rather her be with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tingtong View Post
    555 Yes ive done about 10 study tours in that time and feel a more cultured for it 55 .

    The reason I was able to get away on my own is that She doesn't like SEA country's . She came with me once to Bali and then LOS and decided its not for her . So I said if you dont like you dont have to go ....But Im going ! ...The Beauty of Living Alone .
    Not to mention the health benefits!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcTwoSix View Post
    People that live "cookie cutter" lives, as I call it don't like when others don't
    They somehow feel threatened that you choose to live life differently than most

    I was having a discussion at a party the other night and people's idea of relationships is evolving at light speed now

    People aren't even thinking of marriage until their late 30's and people are regularly having kids in their mid 40's to early 50's now

    But to some people who had a "traditional" life, that somehow makes them feel your different life choices is an affront on them
    Having children after 50 for men and 40 for women is a high risk for lots of health issues- for the child and the mother. The chances of getting pregnant after 40 also falls away dramatically.

    You can't beat father time'
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