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Thread: What is the Thai Equivalent of a Blonde ?

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    What is the Thai Equivalent of a Blonde ?

    I'm not being colourist in this post but as most TGs are natural born black or brown I'm wondering where "the blondes" come from and what do the Thais call them?
    Not the dyed ones - the black/brown haired vacuous ones - thick as two short planks - and keep saying "Yes" to "Do you understand?" and then obviously don't by their actions.
    Even after two years of English classes.

    This is not a partner issue - it's a custodial 16 y.o. niece who's job is " clean the house"!

    Is there any way I can block Fakebook and texts from the phones?
    It will be the ruination of the up coming generation.

    Rant, rant rumble ...

    Oh well there's always the ultimate "sword of Damocles"- on the bus to Nakhon Nowhere ....

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    Maybe she is just misunderstood... 555
    My only experience was in a pie making factory managing the gravy team

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    All races have their blondes... I was stood behind an African chick at the rugby club.. She was talking to her boyfriend and asked him if he was still playing?
    I had this mental image of some guy running down the field with a rugby ball tucked under his arm,an opposition player snapping at his heals and a cellphone to his ear 5555555

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