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Thread: First trip for the year

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    First trip for the year

    It's been a hard year 2013. No trips to LOS, seperated from the wife early in the year, business declined to a all time low.

    So the last week I been thinking to much and Chrismas day booked a short solo trip to Phuket. At Perth air port now arrive at Phuket 3.00pm today.

    Looking forward to 2014. Business sells in jan, I'm back in LOS solo first week in Feb and back in CM 12 April for a son and dad trip with my 12 year old.

    Anyone want to catch up for a beer over the next week PM me.


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    I just came back to oz today, i would've had a beer with you if i saw this earlier.

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    G'day mate,

    haven't logged into this site for quite some time now.

    Looks like I'm booked and locked in for 7 nigths in BKK 21-28th Feb.

    Open to a few nights travel to break it up a bit.

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