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Thread: Focus On Food From The North East Of Thailand

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    Focus On Food From The North East Of Thailand

    For those of you who love your Thai food you will no doubt have your favourite dishes, but do you know from what region in Thailand the dish comes from. In this post we start the focus on regional food with a look at the North-east of Thailand or otherwise known as Isaan in fact Phak Isaan.

    Focus On Food From The North East Of Thailand engagingthailandtips Blog

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    We haven't tried much from the North East but I do enjoy Som Tam if it is made with one or two chilies instead of the usual ten. 555

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    I find Issan som tam bitter, pungent and a bit "off" as it is made with fermented fish whereas I eat Thai style somtam seafood most days for lunch...done well it has a beautiful balance of sweet (palm sugar), spice (chilli...I like about 5-6), peaw (sour-lime) and salt (fish sauce)

    i also prefer a bit of coconut milk in my Tom Yum (goong)

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