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Thread: Chillies the heat and where.

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    Chillies the heat and where.

    Interesting info, I watched a cooking show, the other day, it was all Thai food and lot's of chillies.
    The Chef explained that the hottest part is the spline/backbone, then the seeds then the skin.

    So if you want it hot keep the spline and the seeds, if you want it middle, take the spline out keep the seeds, if mild the take the spline and the seeds out.
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    Careful Mike, chicken and chillies for dinner, 555555555

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    And cut the onions before you cut the chillies..
    Nothing worse than wiping the tears out of your eyes with a hand that just cut chillies..555

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    Sometimes I am careful to remove the seeds if I want a milder heat but I didn't know that the spine of the chilli was the hottest part. You learn something new everyday on TD. 555 Annie

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    I thought if you bashed them a bit in the M&P it can bring out the heat of the chilli....brings the juice out ?
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    I look for red bits in the food I eat, and carefully put them to the side of my plate! 555 My TG just laughs at me, but I once burned my stomach lining because of what I ate in a small village in Liberia, so while I like "ped nit noi", "ped mak mak" could send me to the hospital!! 55555
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    Funny thing is when you have been eating prik mahk be it Thai or in our case Vindaloo and you do it more often than not your toilet time changes....

    Now when I have a pasta no chili dish it is more likely to give me the shiiiiits.....Go figure.

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    Each motion is memorable after a chili dish ....
    No wonder Buddha invented the bum gun!
    Cheers, Rob.
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