Although it is true that applications for settlement in the UK have higher approval rates compared to those who are traveling as tourists, a history of overstaying and a previous denial spells a major difference. Indeed, it weakens the application and casts a cloud of doubt to the applicant’s true intentions. This is most especially true for those who are applying for a fiancée or spouse visa.

First off, overstaying is an evident violation of immigration law. A violation is still a violation irrespective of the number of unauthorized period of stay. Even if the applicant has stayed for two (2) additional days only and surrendered himself or herself, still a serious offense was committed. Consular officers dealing with the application shall immediately have the impression of the applicant’s tendency of non-compliance. In addition, the relationship’s authenticity can be doubted as well, citing marriage as no less than an easy excuse to enter the United Kingdom.

With regards to the issue of incurring denials, consular officers shall always refer to these records prior to releasing a decision. In essence, this results to longer waiting times. Moreover, this likewise translates to additional legwork on the applicant’s part

Under such circumstances, one may ask if there is still a chance to be issued with a Thailand UK Visa? The answer is yes. All applicants should gather as much documentary evidence as they can. The more proof that they show, they increase their approval rate. For fiancées, they need to show that they are both free to marry. Legal spouses, on the other hand, must show that a valid marriage exists. The latter should not be content with presenting their child as proof of their relationship. This is where refusal letters come into place. Oftentimes, they explain the application’s shortcomings and from these, the applicant now has an idea on which areas to improve. In the meantime, when accomplishing application forms, previous UK visa denials should be clearly stated. This is something that should not be hidden for it may cause more problems and doubt.

Securing a visa is never an easy thing. Thus, when approved, compliance should be strictly observed, for even the minutest violation may soon affect future visa applications. The approach in here must be preventive rather than curative. Visa holders should not engage into acts that could not only tarnish their reputation but could prohibit them from entering another foreign territory legally.

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