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Thread: Tourist Visa Overstayers in Australia

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    Tourist Visa Overstayers in Australia

    Interesting article I read yesterday.................

    Seventy new visa overstays a week
    by: Bruce McDougall From: The Daily Telegraph July 30, 2012 12:00AM

    ALMOST 70 new illegal overstayers go missing every week in Australia and there are now 60,000 who cannot be found by immigration authorities.

    The number of visa overstayers - who entered the country legally and then failed to leave - has jumped by 3530 in just one year, data reveals.

    Visitors from India now unlawfully in the country have increased by 780, Malaysians are up by 620, Chinese by 340, Nepalese by 320, Britons by 180, Tongans by 170 and Koreans by 150.

    Afghan overstayers doubled to 20, Estonians doubled to 40, and about 10 people from the Vatican City recorded on December 31, 2010, as being illegally in Australia were still missing a year later.

    Overstayer numbers for many of the countries listed by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship have not changed, indicating they are still missing despite claims by the Gillard government that many eventually leave or are caught.

    The figures released by immigration show an estimated 59,430 people were in hiding around Australia on December 31, 2011 - up from 55,900 on December 31, 2010. By contrast, 13,613 boat people have arrived in the country since Julia Gillard became Prime Minister on June 24, 2010, including 1438 people on 21 boats this month.

    Over the past five years the number of visa overstayers has jumped by about 10,000, Immigration figures show.

    A breakdown of the numbers by country reveals authorities are seeking 7930 Chinese, 5090 Americans, 4640 Malaysians and 3650 British. Thousands of others including 3500 Indians, 2760 Koreans, 2620 Indonesians, 2410 Filipinos, 1860 Thais, 1690 Vietnamese, 1460 Germans, 1280 Japanese, 1260 French, 1240 Irish and 1090 Fijians are also at large.

    A handful of illegals are from the Palestinian Authority, while 210 Israelis also appear not to have been found.

    Immigration officials calculate overstayer numbers twice a year, in June and December, but the figures do not show how long they have been in the country unlawfully.

    A spokesman for the department said the "vast majority" of overstayers remained in Australia illegally for only a short period, usually less than six months. "Many people who overstay their visas in Australia depart voluntarily without the need for departmental involvement
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    Weak as piss...... One rule for those trying to do the right thing and who gives a **** about those doing the wrong thing. So what do they do?

    Legislate for the arseholes and not do anything about it, but make the ones doing the right thing sweat blood as they wait for the Gavel to fall......

    Oh do this again you forgot to put a dot above one of your I's...... Want to sponsor a family member, have to ransom your life savings just in case they do a runner? no wonder my Spanish and Thai freinds laugh at the beaurocrosy...... Let alone the thousands mentioned above......
    Ohhhh, Pigsy! You call yourself a demon? จูบก้นของฉัน Everything I post here is IMHO and IME... I am no expert....

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    Where Mrs C works they recently sacked a whole bunch Indian "Students" holding down full time jobs in contravention of their visa conditions. Just lie on the job application.
    And where the hell was Biggles.....?....when you needed him last Saturday....?

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    I'm so happy to be living in morally correct country with open corruption and low taxation compared with Gillard's 'over-regulated and rip-off welfare-based nanny state'.

    I guess some people believe the "lucky country" applies to ordinary folk, [as opposed to the pollies]?

    What on earth are 10 Vatican City PP holders doing AWOL in Oz? Chasing little boys I s'pose ...
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    Cheers, Rob.
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