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Thread: Another Partner visa Post. Experienced advice appreciated.

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    Another Partner visa Post. Experienced advice appreciated.

    Hey all.
    My fiancee and I are trying to get her subclass 309 visa. She visited Aus twice this year on Tourist visa's. Her last visit she stayed 2 months. We were going to apply while she was in Aus but after inquiring with immi they told us that her travel visa didnt allow it. She had to come back to Thailand and apply. I was sent an email with all the links for her PPV visa application and then set about getting stat decs and certifying everything I could in regard to proving our de facto relationship was genuine. We also registered our partnership with BD&M in QLD where I live. We have a certificate now from them registering our civil partnership. We also got engaged while we were in Aus. We want to apply for the partner visa and have been together as a couple for 13 months now. The whole time I have been living in Phuket on 3 month 3 entry visas and she has visited aus on a 3 month visa twice. She only stayed 3 weeks the first time and 2 months recently. Both times I returned with her to Thailand.

    I think we satisfy the conditions of the 12 month de facto status requirement. We are engaged but neither of us want to marry in the time frame allowed for a prospective marriage visa. I also inquired about a decision ready application and asked if we should get the medicals and police checks done at the time of lodging. Immi told me that they would ask for them when required. I explained that I wanted my fiancée and I to be together while the decision was pending and can we apply for another travel visa whilst they assessed the partner visa. also if so, would she be required to return to Bangkok for interviews etc. They told me that she could apply for another travel visa but to let the visa application centre know that we were applying for a TV as well. Also, she would have to be in Thailand when the PV was issued. Also, if they required anything else she should be able to address the issues of medicals and police check in Australia. They said nothing about interviews etc. I have a few questions to ask you guys.

    1 Does it matter that I have supported her more financially as a partner whilst in aus and Thailand? She obviously cant work in aus as a visitor?

    2 I have stayed in Thailand on a visitor visa and vice versa for my girl. We have shared an apartment and lived as a couple for 12 months now. Will the fact that I am a visitor alter the conditions of the defacto status?

    3 Can I get the form 888 witnessed by a person listed as an eligible witness equivalent in Phuket?

    4 Is there a limit to how many TV's my fiancée can get?

    5 Would the fact that we have registered our relationship with BDM in Queensland waiver the 12 month requirement?

    Ag I read the 1127 booklet I am finding some answers but am unsure if I am understanding them properly.

    I have a lot more to ask but I'll stop here for now. Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Welcome Moulis,

    You more than qualify for the Partner visa in comparison to my situation, I think that in your support letter that you should state your case as a couple and that your aim is to spend as minimal time apart as possible.
    Stat decs or letters of support from friends outlining your relationship can really help with this proof. Your finances shouldn't be an issue, although they do like to see support given while she is in Thailand on her own.
    There is a limit on how many Tourist visas you can apply for before they ask you to apply for a spouse visa but this normally will be done in a set time frame e.g. 5 TV's in 18-24 months, but once you apply for a Spouse visa they will allow you a TV without any hick-ups and as the process can take up to 10-11 months you could probably get 2 done (I cant confirm this as we only got 1 done).
    As to getting form 888 signed in LOS I can't answer that, they might have someone in the embassy in BKK that can.... best you contact the embassy about that and I found that emails to the embassy get responded to quicker than a phone call.
    You seem to be well on top of it and to me your application appears to tick all the boxes and should be straight forward.
    The Medicals and police checks like they said will be requested once you have handed in the application and parted with your hard earned.
    Good luck with it
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    Thanks guys. much appreciated

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