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Thread: Visa for a cousin

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    Visa for a cousin

    As some know Dao , I and my children share birthdays in September close together.

    We will all be in Brisbane for this. My daughter will then leave for a short term job in Europe. Dao will join me in mid October in China .....I have the visa "F'n" hard work but done.

    So to look after the house and animals we thought of Dao's cousin. She has been to aussie on 2 x 3 month visas. I want 6 months for her as this will be the timely for my daughter will be away.

    Does anyone have clues on how to achieve a 6 month TV for a relative??????
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    Jonty, if she has already had 2 x 3 month TV's and it isn't too resent, i would think a 6 month TV would be ok as long as you sponsor her. she has shown her compliance with visas and done the right thing so should be well in her favour.

    Alternatively if she is able to get a working visa, and you can give her a housekeepers job in advance.

    Other would be an education visa, would mean getting her into an intonational school and would cost, but she could learn while here and get some benifit of your outlay. That is, as long as she goes and apply s herself.
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