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^ yeah...I'm curious too...

I haven't been to south/central america for about 30 years...might be time for a visit...555

TBH I found the gals very pushy and not so attractive in Rio...but I was with my english GF at that time so wasn't really looking...and only going on the street girls...but there were plenty of them back then...we did go into a few clubs but every gal in Rio looked like a hooker in the clubs...well to me they did back then anyway 555
Girls haven't been pushy here at all... actually quite friendly and laid back.

And I went to the big FL hangout in Panama City and they weren't there either.

I sat and talked to a sweet, beautiful Colombian and had a few drinks. But I told her I wasn't interested that night.
I felt bad I told her she should go do her thing she said she was now too shy to walk around looking for a guy with me still there so she sat drinking with me.

I actually wish she was down here in this beach setting.....I would have definitely gone with her