A Scottish woman who found out her boyfriend was actually a female sex offender has waived her right to anonymity in an attempt to help other women.

Single mother Nicole Lindsay dated 'Lee Brooks' for years before she found out that he was actually a she. Her real name is Samantha Brooks and she had once been jailed for abusing a 14-year-old girl.

Samantha attended court in Edinburgh earlier this year charged with two counts of having sex by fraud. It's believed she deceived two women into believing she was a man.

However her case was thrown out of court after another alleged victim and former friend of Nicole refused to cooperate with prosecutors.

According to Nicole: "She got these charges dropped by playing a clever hand with the other victim."

As Samantha is now a free woman, Nicole has broken her silence to ensure the deception doesn't occur again.

She told UK's Sunday People magazine that she first started dating 'Lee' in 2006 when they started a long distance relationship.

They broke up in 2007 and shortly after 'Lee' told Nicole she'd been sent to jail for allegedly beating up a pedophile. In truth, she'd been jailed for 18-months for sexual offences against a 14-year-old girl and had been put on the sexual offenders' register.

They resumed their relationship after Samantha's release and even decided to get married.

However Nicole's family grew suspicious of this 'man' with no facial hair or Adam's apple.

Nicole told the People: "I didn't believe Lee could be a woman. We had been having sex on and off for years. But I knew he was hiding something."

She told the magazine that she had never been comfortable showing her naked body with a partner.

'Lee' claimed he had suffered from testicular cancer which is why she couldn't see or touch his manhood.

It's believed Samantha put condoms and padding over a modified wooden toilet roll holder to obtain sexual intimacy.

She also bound her breasts using bandages and clingwrap saying she had scars.

Nicole finally found out the truth in September last year when Samantha was arrested.

She said: "When the police told me Lee was a she I just couldn't believe it. I was in shock. I've been through hell.

"The thought of how Lee deceived me and my whole family has given me nightmares and made me feel sick.

"I want to be sure other girls and vulnerable young *women avoid this sick person."
When the UK's Daily Mail approached Samantha, she declined to discuss her previous convictions and denied she had ever met Nicole.