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Thread: Suvarnabhumi Airport Update 29/10/11

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    Suvarnabhumi Airport Update 29/10/11

    I found this update for those interested............

    Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok might be safe from flood. 29.10.11.

    Airports of Thailand assures that Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is safe from flooding

    BANGKOK - Following the closure of Don Muang airport, public is getting concerned about the capability of the Airports Authority of Thailand to keep Thailand's major air gateway, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, dry. Confidence into the public authority has been seriously eroded by the fact that they assured a week ago that both airports were fully protected from massive flooding. Then came a massive flooding of the northern field and runway at Don Muang, forcing Nok Air and Orient Thai to relocate their flights into Suvarnabhumi.

    AOT now tries to cover the previous PR disaster and is more pro-active to communicate. In a release, the airport's authority indicated that Somchai Sawasdeepon, AOT Senior Executive Vice President and Acting General Manager of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, expressed his confidence that Thailand largest air gateway would be able of handling the flooding situations around Bangkok and its vicinity. The airport has a highly capable Flooding Prevention System in place – with soil barriers surrounding the airport. The height of the barriers was recently increased from 3m to 3.5m and completed on 18th October 2011 with the assistance of the Department of Highways. Barriers measures are now 3.5m high, 23.5m long and have a base 37m in width.

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport has also six reservoirs with capacity to store 4 million m3 of water. According to AOT, the current level of water in the reservoirs is at 25% of capacity or 1 million m3. Two Pump Stations (4 water pumps in each station)are in service and have an ability to drain water out at a rate of 12 m3 per second or 1 million m3 per day.

    Mr. Somchai added that preparations for flooding include 24-hour monitoring of the weather forecast and ^permanent coordination with the Royal Department of Irrigation, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration and other relevant agencies. The information received from various agencies is carefully analyzed at all time to best protect the airport. Additionally, a special team of officials has been created to monitor and protect the barriers surrounding the airport against flash waters arriving from Northern Thailand.

    Meanwhile, the airport has called up two Japanese experts to check about the effectiveness of these protection measures. The two senior Japanese officials, both from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, estimate that the airport is well prepared but the scope of the flooding makes it hard to determine clearly the possible impact. The two experts expressed their concern about possible electric black-out with water leaking into power supply unit. They would then disable pumps system draining waters. AOT confirmed however that the airport has been given highest priority for electric supply and should be one of the last places in Bangkok to suffer power cuts.

    AOT confirmed that there has been no disruption in service to all flights and passenger services at Suvarnabhumi Airport; The airport expects to welcome this October about 130,000 passengers and 800 flights per day. Suvarnabhumi Airport is also capable of handling the diverted Nok Air and Orient Thai flights from Don Mueang International Airport – only increasing the number of flights by 33 and number of passengers by about 20,000 per day.

    Due to a large number of vehicles being parked at Suvarnabhumi Airport to be protected from rising waters, the airport authority would advise anyone wishing to travel to the Airport to allow plenty of time and to use public transportation – Airport Rail Link, buses and taxis. AOT would like to apologize for any inconveniences and disruptions this may have caused.
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    Ariport was as norma,l when there 3 days ago, though the Nokair planes stood out as they had to be prop started 555
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    This University is halfway down our Soi between the Minder Mansion and the Bang Na Rd - so I have been monitoring their website. The Uni itself is unaffected at this stage.

    Assumption University Announcement

    Subject: Postponement of the undergraduate academic semester 2/2011. Re-opening of
    graduate programs to be announced via respective Graduate School websites.
    Pursuant to the unpredictability of the current flooding situation in Bangkok and the
    surrounding provinces in Thailand, and in line with the Royal Thai Government’s declaration of public holidays between October 27 and 31, 2011, the opening of classes for all undergraduate programs for the academic semester 2/2011 has been moved to November 14, 2011. The graduate program re-openings will be announced through the respective faculty websites.

    Students are encouraged to access university facilities and services at both campuses as usual. Online databases and E-library services are available 24 hours for private study and researches. Undergraduate students who have not completed their registration for semester 2/2011 and those who wish to make e-payments, may do so until November 11, 2011.

    Assumption University assures all international students that it is monitoring the situation of the floods currently affecting many parts of Thailand, including the potential threats in the immediate vicinity of Suvarnabhumi campus. The relevant authorities have made contingent arrangements should the flooding in the Suvarnabhumi area become acute.

    We request all international students to continue reading the university website: Assumption University of Thailand
    for further information.
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    I dont think this is cause to be alarmed Minder more the fact that a 5 day holiday was called through out BKK and they are following suite... But Lat Krabang is close to you I presume as it is right next to the airport, projected models of the flood show that it will go under!

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