The very first Newsletter from Engaging Thailand called '' Lashings Of Green Tea With Bide And Friends'' and its absolutely jam - packed. In today's issue the very first the theme is on '' Spending Time Wisely'' and talking of spending time wisely take a couple minutes to digest today's line up

1) The main theme of spending time wisely and quotation
2) Recommended book from the late, great Jim Rohn
3) Looking East and West (My take)
Another great recommended book this time involving fantastic essays and Thai culture insights from the writing world of Christopher G. Moore.... Superb book.
4) Out and About in Thailand
5) Thai Conversation (for the serious student and I mean serious) (conversation 1)
6) Thailand Travel Tips (These are from people on the spot)
7) Guest Interview: A fantastic travel itinerary from the delightful Miss Kasine Silapee
and don't miss this.
8) Top sourced article by Tim Ferris '' On the shortness of life: An introduction to seneca'' it may be long, but its brilliant.

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