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Thread: Owning a Bar or any business in Thailand.

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    Owning a Bar or any business in Thailand.

    I can imagine that many guys who visit Thailand and spend a little time in Patong or Patts have thought if only fleetingly about buying a bar.

    Now there are plenty of bars owned by Farangs as we know but how many are successful?
    If they are successful at what cost!

    Every Farang i have known who owns a bar for any period always seems tired or tired and shakey.

    I know there are bars that turn a good profit but it seems to me that the way the business culture is there that the odds are really stacked against this happening.
    If you become profitable and it is seen your rent goes up! End of lease, bigger key money etc.

    Do you get a work permit or do you just sit drink and keep an eye on whats going on.?

    What business is there that seems to be a winner? Is there one?

    Interested to hear about different owners you have known success or lack of it in any venture in Thailand.

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    My hairdresser here in Melbourne is a regular LOS visitor... on his last trip 3months back he went in on a 1/3 share in a bar.... one of the partners has a thai wife.. he paid 30,000bht for his share.... I saw him a month after he got back at he was saying that the bar had already generated 45,000bht profit.... believe it or not!..

    Personally I think that an import/export business is the go for me... I look at all the product available in LOS and think that there must be a market here in Oz for it.. as to the product/s I'm still looking... I met a lady in the markets here in Melbourne selling Louis Vuitton bags that came out of LOS, she claimed that she was making $5000aud a week and that her hubby had just retired.. I asked her about the BIB and customs, she said she got 2 boxes every week and the lady in LOS would put a label with a name on it... she would then claim that they were gifts that she couldn't fit in her suitcase.. the only problem being, this lady hadn't even been overseas let alone to LOS...

    On my first to Phuket... I was at the airport on my to KL.... standing at the check there was a guy a couple of metres away who was obviously looking at me.. "I know that look" he said "first time to Phuket, you havn't even left the airport and your thinking about how to get back".... the guy was standing there with a surfboard under one arm and a TG under the other.... he started telling me that he lived on a boat off Patong and that his business was surfing tours off Jakarta... his clients were mainly Aussie males.... he bought an old fishing boat and turned it into 12 berth.... he takes 3 Thai guys down to crew the boat and changes them every 3 months... he pops down for a surf and to keep an eye on them at least once a month... He claimed that he was building a bed and breakfast in Patong that would also sleep 12....

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