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Thread: Thailand, governed via Skype ....

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    Thailand, governed via Skype ....

    Interesting NYT article.

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    Amazing, if this is true. Thought he still had plenty of influence, but not at this level.

    At least we haven't seen any major demonstrations, etc during the new governments time in office. Given the floods and the impact on big industrial areas, a change of government by stealth could have upset confidence and had a massive impact on foreign investment.
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    Very interesting Rob but not a surprise I have to say, he was very influential when he was in power ....
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    Much of the world is run by 'Dynasties'.
    Even the US has had its Kennedys and Bushes.
    In them , big Daddy just gave his orders over dinner at the Waldorf.

    This one just uses the most up to date technology in absence....

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