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Thread: Thai Trots, Delhi Belly, whatever you want to call it

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvinpatong View Post
    Got a spat of the Thai Trots during my last visit. Lasted 12 hours but when something like that happens, I tend to let my body rid itself rather that plug it up with over-the-counter drugs. Lasted about 12 hours and I lost count of how many times I ran to the toilet, think it was between 15-20. I stuck to crackers, water and Gatorade most of the day and was out drinking by night time, albeit only a few drinks
    On a 6 months tour of India I had 3 bouts of the most extreme Delhi Belly you could imagine. Western medicines were ineffective in calming the storm so I turned to local remedies. Vegetable curry with heaps of green chillis and tea infused with fresh ginger and lemon juice worked miracles in stemming the flow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLandHim View Post
    It's common and can make for a few uncomfortable days if you don't get something for it and it can ruin part of your holiday.
    The good news is it is really easily fixed.
    If you feel uncomfortable and have even a hint of wanting to throw up, my advice is get down to the Thai pharmacy, most of whom have an english speaker, but even if they don't you can easily mime chundering and the other end as well, and they'll give you a short course of pills that will sort you out in about 4-6 hours to allow you to continue on enjoying yourself.
    They are really good.
    They don't work if the chundering is alcohol induced.
    When I first came to Thailand it used to be a problem from time to time. "Been eating som dum pla ra?" the locals would ask. They sometimes suffered the same.

    I would just fast for a day or two, while keeping up on water intake and the odd salt tablet. Problem solved, and it came with the bonus of feeling good with the system cleaned out.

    I guess my system is familiar with whatever I throw down nowadays. It is many years since I have suffered the dreaded tong dern (walking stomach) to use the Thai term.

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