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Thread: any info on yasothon

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    any info on yasothon

    hi there ,just wondering if there is anyone out there familiar with the area called Yasothon ,info on the area and ladies would be appreaciated

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    Yasothon Province is a fairly affluent rice-producing region although Yasothon 'city' is very rural ... not a pleasant town IMO. Yasothon was annexed from Ubon Ratchathani Province the City of which is 100km south-east, far bigger, modern and with excellent shopping.

    Y's best attributes are a BigC to the north, just off the ring road, and a popular market to the south on the road to Kham Kaen Khao/UbonR. Villages outside of Y can range from downright poor - eg: Don Kaen Yai, to affluet > eg: Kham Kaen Khao.

    I like Yasothon/Ubon provinces and people. Not much in the way of farang bars and nightlife unless you travel to Roi Et, Ubon R or Mukhdahan. Our family farm and home is 30 km's down the road to Ubon ... refer my Isaan life reports for more detail.
    Cheers, Rob.
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    Yasothon (or Yaso as the locals call it) is famous for the Rocket Festival held there in mid-May each year.


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    Spent some time with a girl from Amnat Charoen. Everyone is very friendly here.

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