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Thread: Cadet. A noble apprenticship?

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    Cadet. A noble apprenticship?

    Just noticed my newbie status as cadet and got me reminiscing.
    Used to go out to the Air Force base twice a week during high school and have nothing but good memories although the drill sargeant was never on the Xmas card list.
    Would todays youth benefit from a bit of old school discipine, or would the bleeding hearts consider it a training ground for socially unacceptable swill?

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    Are you referring to a national service type of program?

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    No not conscription.
    Just remembering back to a different time.
    Nowadays everything seems to be about me. I think it's invaluable to be told no occasionally.
    If you have got time on your hands, didn't break any records at school, you could do worse than sign up for the services and come out with a trade.
    Hope this doesn't come across as conscription.

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    so taking into account your board name , does it mean you are a space cadet ...

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    Maybe we should all stay cadets in regards to LOS as it is a trap for young players.55555

    When I set up the board I racked my brains for titles in attempt to be a little different maybe..

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