One of the things I miss from Penang when I'm in Thailand is a good Indian curry and in Patong at least I find the local (supposedly) Indian restaurant offerings tend to range from mediocre to plain bloody awful. ICC in Soi Sansabai seems to excel at serving up over-priced tasteless slop with the rice and nan bread being about the only redeeming feature.

At the weekend I took the motor cycle out to Kamala Bakery as I remembered they stock curries supplied buy an Indian guy who used to have an Indian restaurant here in Patong, until the inevitable 'let's put the rent up' came along. Certainly was a worthwhile trip, stocked up on some superb curries at ard 200 B each, including a blisteringly hot but very tasty Chicken Phal. Really superb curries and well worth a freezer stock up if Indian curries float your boat.

As an aside I also bought a 'Texas Spicy Chilli con Carne' which from the look of it does not come from the curry supplier (The Curry Shack) and that was crap. Too much liquid, too much oil, tasteless and certainly NOT spicy. Yeuugh. Threw half of it away.

For those not familiar with it you can also eat at the shop if you like and it does a range of other food as well as great prices, including of course, bread