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Thread: adidas cashes in on riots

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    adidas cashes in on riots

    In the same newspaper reporting deaths/murders from the weekend's rioting in Bangkok, questionable taste in the latest advert from adidas on front page of The Nation Thailand's second-largest English language newspaper, and it's there again today alongside the death/violence reports.

    Maybe - 'if only they'd worn funky adidas Originals camouflage clothes they'd be alive today'?

    [SIZE="5"]For all your riot-gear needs[/SIZE]
    The Sunday Nation December 1, 2013

    [SIZE="3"]Sneak about with aplomb in Adidas Originals camouflage[/SIZE]

    BASICALLY EVERYONE started wearing camouflage after the military coup of 2006 - it just seemed so chic - and we're still wearing it seven years later as we continue grappling with the political fallout of the Army putsch.

    Camouflage is a handy way to avoid red and yellow in your wardrobe, and despite its original intent to keep you hidden, camouflage always has a way of standing out in a crowd.

    With the streets steaming up again today, Adidas Originals has helpfully stocked up on funky camouflage-patterned casual wear.
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