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Thread: New 100$ USD bill- has anyone changed ?

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    New 100$ USD bill- has anyone changed ?

    Thailand is not on the frontside of new note information. Has anyone changed the new 100$ USD note in Bangla ? I leave in 4 days and that is all I have.

    Thanks I advance for the info

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    Probably need to go to a bank instead of a money changer if they are not up to date with the info.
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    Off topic a bit, but when Aust. first introduced the $100 bill a guy I knew worked for an office equipment supplier, top of the line photocopiers etc.
    Anyhow he got a new note in his pay packet, being a smartie he was, he color copied it on both sides and trimmed it.
    Took it home, gave the wife the usual housekeeping money and then big noted himself by saying how good she was with their finances and he loved her and gave her a bonus of $100 ....yes the fake one.

    Well he got lucky that night 555 and the next day wifie is feeling so good, she calls into the pub on the way home from shopping and buys him a carton of beer to show her appreciation...yes with the fake note.
    The bottle shop guy was busy and everyone knew the new note was in circulation, he took it and gave her the change.
    He had intended to tell her in the morning but she was gone shopping when he got up, so you can imagine his reaction when she comes in with a box of beer, he tells her the note was fake and just a joke, she says I've spent it buying your beer, he took the beer and raced back to the pub and tried to explain but they had discovered it and called the cops and he got in deep sh1t.
    Needless to say he didn't get luck at home for quiet some weeks 555555
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