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Thread: Best simcard/package for 3G in Pattaya.

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    Question Best simcard/package for 3G in Pattaya.

    Managed to unlock an old Sensation XE phone, so i can use a Thai simcard. My old thai sim card is dead now

    Is it just between AIS (one 2 call) and True? network? Which has the best internet in Patts. And anyone know which package i need to get for the internet if you know what i mean? Sure i can ask a TG though.

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    On my last trip (not in Pattaya) I had a DTAC prepaid package. It cost me 299 baht for 1 month and included 500 MB hi-speed data (I could still use low-speed after the 500 mb) and a few hours calling I think. The connection was good everywhere I went (Bangkok, Patong, Hat Yai).

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