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Thread: Taking a TV to Thailand ?

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    Taking a TV to Thailand ?

    Ive got a 50" Panasonic Plasma TV sitting in my spare room at home collecting dust, its in perfect order and its not in use because I bought a larger screen TV. They are worth next to nothing to sell here so i was thinking of giving it to my girlfriend kids in Thailand.

    Ive seen people put big screen TV's on the plane before, anyone know roughly what the cost would be ?...............BTW I am flying with Thai Airways from Perth to Chiang Mai.
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    Those things are fragile?

    My thoughts are that with all the hassle and cost,chances are it would be non working/damaged by the time it got there.
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    Not sure of the costs, if under your baggage allowance, then free. We get alot of TVs flying out on Thai, usually to India (apparently they are cheaper in Australia).

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    You still got the original box and packaging ? that would be the key to make sure it arrives safely..

    Ahhh just carry it on as hand language mate... 55 excuse me, bump, excuse me...sorry excuse me knock.. umm air hostess i can't seem to shut the door on this overhead ??

    Edit: what 50 inch not big enough Rivo, you obviously have a large living room , just how big enough is big enough these days for a screen?? .55555
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    Thing is, a 50inch plasma tv is a bit hard to hide in your luggage.
    Be a shame if you had to pay import duty or some kind of payment to a customs official who couldn't be convinced the thing wasn't new. Gotta wonder why container loads of them aren't being shipped to Thailand and sold on the cheap.
    You will also need a new set top box and satellite connection.
    Maybe just pay the 13k for a brand newy with local supplier and guarantee.
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    as a visitor/tourist and not someone 'changing residence', you may get hit for duty -

    Returning Thai residents who have been abroad for one year or longer, for the purposes other than touring are eligible to bring in household effects acquired abroad free of taxes and duties. In addition, nonresidents changing their residence to Thailand may import the household effects subject to the conditions stated below without payment of import taxes duties.
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    Wonder what shipping costs would be ... all depends what you paid for it to start with, what you would pay for a new one in Thailand and what would be the insurance cost for shipping

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