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Thread: Donating to orphanage or comunitys

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    Donating to orphanage or comunitys

    Hi guys i havent been on TD much latley been really busy setting up new business. Some may remember a thread I did about my mountain bike tour company. Well its almost ready to start and in a few Countrys not just thailand.

    So part of my website we have a donationes section as well as a small optional donation from each tour client. My company will match all donations from bookings.

    My plan is to donate to orphanages or comunitys in each area that we operate. We will visit these organisations we donate to as part of our tours.

    Has anyone on TD got expirence donating to orphanages or comunitys. Not bar girls 5555

    Am i better of giving money or products?

    Any suggestins would be a great help.

    I also need two projects to donate to in LOS. One in the CM area one in BKK. Any suggestions? In in LOS 11th feb woukd like to make contact while in LOS.
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    In Central Festival BKK yesterday they had various displays re "social good". Here are three that I took a snap of to look into later.

    Cabbage and condoms do work in Chiang Mai, but not sure about BKK.

    If you do something in Phuket, there is the Lifehome Project.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OZZYGUY View Post

    Am i better of giving money or products?
    from the experience of the local toy run here in CM...product and oversee how it's spent!

    i went to couple and they were great fun bad sadly they have stopped doing them.
    they use to find it hard to find an orphanage with genuine management that could be trusted with handing over large sums of money so they went the way of contributing work to buildings and surrounds of the schools.

    handing over money was frowned upon by the organisers in the end and became too hard to deal with to their own satisfaction..was the work carried out correct for the amount quoted or was it padded and shared with the site manager/s etc

    Farangs assembling at the x centre

    toys awaiting collection by the excited kids

    tug of war V the big bad bikers

    kids win

    successful day...the kids loved it
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