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Thread: RTAF Museum, Don Muang, Bangkok

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    RTAF Museum, Don Muang, Bangkok

    On the 'Jesada Museum' thread I mentioned about a similar museum that some might like to visit. It's not as far as Jesada, and costs the same to get in as Jesada (ie, nothing!).

    I would imagine that most people on here are familiar with Don Muang airport in the northern part of Bangkok. It was the international airport before Swampy took over. Nowadays it is used for domestic flights.
    The airport is basically two parallel north-south runways, with a golf-course in between them (anyone played there?). All the terminal buildings are on the western side of the airport, mostly at the northern end. In the south-western area that are a number of aircraft in open storage, or waiting for the scrap-man and his blow-torch.

    However, the entire eastern side of the airfield is used by the military - mostly it's Air Force, although there is a small area for the Army, and also a Police area.
    Between the hangars on the eastern side, and the main road that runs up the eastern side (Thanon Phahon Yothin) you can find the Royal Thai Air Force Museum (Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok - Magazine ).

    It's open daily from 9am to 4pm, but it is closed on holidays (and, if the holiday falls on a weekend then it's closed on the following Monday too - as I found out to my cost!).

    Entrance to the museum is completely free, and there is a bit of parking just inside the entrance gate. In fact, if you visit, you will probably be wandering around the museum on your own - it's rare to see anybody else in there, and even rarer to see any non-Thais.

    There are about 40-50 old Thai aircraft, some outside the front of the buildings (these are the ones that you will see as you drive/ride past), there are a few more inside the buildings, and between the two rows of buildings/hangars there are even more aircraft. They are mostly in very good condition, and they are all well placed for photographs.

    Some here might enjoy an afternoon out, maybe on a bike-ride ... maybe an excuse to get out of washing the dishes after lunch!
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    Thanks for that. Will try and get there next trip to BKK.

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